Kai came home with his first poem done in class for the year. Very beautifully written.

Windows tell stories of the world outside.
Windows give freedom to those trapped inside.
Windows are square. Windows are round.
Windows are black. Windows are brown.   

Windows can let in the light and keep out the dark things of the night.
Windows allow in enchanting moonlight.
Windows let robbers jump out and take flight.  
And although humans of blood, flesh and bone,
along with windows made of stone and glass
may meet their fate,
memories of time spent in the sun will always last,
never to fade. (copyright 2013 SHIA Kai)

It is an open topic and he chose to write about 'windows'. I mean what is there to wrote about? I would be clueless. He did such a great job in describing something so simple and so poetic. Great job my son!

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