Looking back…

Seeing Ann walking out from school brought back so much memories…Time has changed. I was always looking out for Kai walking out from school. I have looked after him since he turned one and I have always been the one sending and fetching him from school. Only when he was in P2 that I decided to let him take the school bus cos’ it was really impossible to send two kids to different schools at the same time. After taking the school bus for just one term, we were off to USA and then Shanghai. I continued to be their main caregiver, seeing them to school and seeing them home even when we were overseas.

Felt strange just seeing one child walking out from school. Kai is now in sec 1 and he is completely capable of taking care of himself. Soon, Ann will also not need me as much. Then, it will really be an empty nest. Age is catching up too. Since school started, I am so exhausted, completely, thoroughly exhausted. The day starts at 5.15am. I tried sleeping early but I am such a light sleeper and because of that, I could hardly have a restful sleep. Like the other day, I slept at 10.30pm, woke up at 11.30pm and then 2.30am and finally 5.15am…sigh. They say, old people sleep lesser. Is that true?

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