It’s hard to let you go…

SHE…has been a part of me. In fact, she is very much me. I met her all the way back in Nov 1980. Today is Mar 2013. Exactly, 32 years and four months. I spend a large part of my life with her. She was there when I was a young girl, she saw me grew up. She was there, when I got married. She was there, when I became a mum. So you see, it is really hard to let her go.

Go, she must. For she has aged. There were leakages, there were damages. She suffers most under heavy rainfall and thunderstorm.

She is…the Grande Dame of Tanglin Road.
DSC00084 DSC00086 DSC00087
DSC00092 DSC00093 DSC00089
DSC00096 DSC00114DSC00117
 DSC00101  DSC00110
There is no good-bye but only…see you soon

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