Her very first carnival

Ann was up at 5.30am, all excited about the school swimming carnival. Although she is just a spectator. All these are brand new experience for her. In Shanghai, the school doesn’t have all these extra activities, so to her, this is exciting. Anything that’s new is really fun.

We arrived at school really early but she was a little disappointed that she didn’t see any of her friends. There were all the other kids but not her usual friends. Instead of feeling scared and in secured, she told me she still wanted to go. I was of course, worried. Even her class teacher wasn’t there. There were other teachers who were in charge of bringing the kids to the swimming complex, only there, they will be joining their respective classes.

Once Ann got onto the bus, she was all smiles.

She is indeed a very gung-ho girl. She is always ready to try new things. That’s good. It is good to have a high self-esteem and self-confidence but she must be guided so that these assets can be put to good use.

I always tell the spouse that we must be very prepared. This girl is one who will carry a backpack and travel round the world. Oh Lord, give us wisdom.

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