Childlike faith

 Recently, Ann lost her book with her bookmark attached to it. She was very sad. The bookmark was something she had bought when Shanghai was having her book fair. That was last Thursday. On Friday, she went to school to look for them, she could not find them. Every night she would want us to pray for her to be able to find her lost items.

These are things which wouldn’t really bother us. To her, it means a lot. An unfinished book, a beloved bookmark. So on Sunday night, we decided not to pray for her but instead asked her to pray for herself that she would find her lost items when she went back to school the next day.

Praying and believing by faith is something which we have taught the children since young. They have learned to always turn to God in times when they need help. This is an important virtue to cultivate in our children especially in recent times when the world has become more challenging. We can’t be with them wherever they are but God will always be watching over them.

On Monday after school, the familiar chirpy girl came out from school, “mommy, I found my book and bookmark!”


When daughter is happy, mama is happy too.

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