Little Ann is sad

Ann was feeling sad. She said that there is this girl (Miss M) in her class who is very bossy and mean. On a few occasions, she has asked Ann to go away when she tried to join them to do homework while waiting for their CCA to start. Yesterday, it happened again. She was asked to go away. You know what, this girl is the class monitor. Sometimes, I wonder how teachers make choices? (Do they start the “tripod” training since young?)

Ann is someone who is very expressive. She loves having friends and loves being with them and having fun, doing things together. When such things happen, she becomes really sad. Mama ain’t happy either.

How can you ever outsource child-rearing? The best maid, the best childcare, the best grands will only provide the best for the child physically but how many actually impart right values and morals?
Yes, I know and I understand that these girls were probably friends since they were P1. After being together for 2 1/2 years, they have already build a strong friendship but do you have to be mean to a girl who has just join you?

Anyway, I have told Ann to ignore her. She will just be a fair-weather friend or acquaintance. There are many other nice girls in class. Like one girl (Miss E) who actually wrote Ann a thank-you note, telling her how much she appreciates her friendship. Yes, that’s what I call feeding the soul and imparting the right values to a child. Told Ann that this is the kind of friend she should keep for the rest of her life!

Told her that she should never behave like Miss M but should always follow the example of Miss E.
I am going to print these pictures and paste them in her room. Little things she must learn to make her a tougher person when she grows up.

be happy be happy1

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  1. poor Ann! i've known what it feels as a parent in that situation too... thank God he walks them thru these experiences.