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Six months ago… Remember the anxiety I went through, one of the darkest moments of my life, fighting against an unjust system for my son. That was when the meaning of “mothers will do anything…” became alive. Emails after emails, schools after schools, frantically looking for a school for Kai. How could any school not accept him. Six months later, this is his result
  • English A2
  • Math B3
  • Science A1
  • Literature A2
  • Design A2
  • Art B4
  • Integrated Humanities A1
  • MT F9 (Farewell to Shanghai means farewell to Chinese)
Yes, I am proud of him. I am thankful that a non-branded school noticed him and took him in immediately. Today, he text me from school to tell me that he has been nominated for Prefect.

Being human, I am still upset for all the schools which did not take a second look at him. I am upset with the ministry that simply threw him into any school without even looking at him BUT I am thankful for these trying times, these challenges. It made me refused to bow down to bad situations. It made me fought for what I believed in my child. It made me stronger, it made me a lioness!

I am most delighted to read about him refusing to accept conventional practices. Yes, that’s the way to go, my son. His overseas experiences were not wasted, it made him see things very differently and it made him voice out. I shall write about Ann later. She gave her comments too. These are the people who will survive in the future society because their society will be an educated and globalised society. People will be looking for differences not similarities.

Now, how often do you get the principal giving her comments.

“All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke  Therefore, do I must!

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