Here we go again…to the library

When there is holiday, there is the library

If you are familiar with Queenstown library, you know this stairway leads to the adult section on the second level. Kai now heads straight to the second level. Books on the first level no longer excite him any more.

You know, my greatest accomplishment as a stay-at-home mum is that I have cultivated in both kids, a great love for books and for reading. I made the effort of exposing them to the world of books at a very young age. Kai was just 18 months, when I first brought him to the Queenstown Library. I let him choose his books and we borrowed and brought them home and I read to him. The story of David and the Goliath was his all time favourite. He knew it so well, even which row, which section, which aisle, he remembered them at his finger tips and as for mama, she could read the book without looking at it. In a way, the library is his second home.

As for Ann, she started a bit late as I had to spilt my time between both of them. Sending Kai to pre-school and then spending time with her. Thankfully, she picked up the habit too. She is not as advance as her brother in her reading level but she is there. She writes well and speaks well. In fact, she got a perfect score for the oral English-reading.

Giving up my job was worth it as I have helped them to be a reader and if there is anything I have not taught them, it is my wish that they will find endless treasures in the world of books.

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