From now till many more days to come, you will most probably read a lot about my secondary school life. I am a SCGS girl. (Once a SCGS girl, always and forever a SCGS girl) Unlike most of the girls, I joined only in sec 1. I was from Tanglin Primary School and when I put SCGS as my choice of school, I still remember my form teacher telling me how hard it would be to get in cos’ they have a primary school and priority will be given to their girls. But I insisted and I am glad I did.

So, from 1979 to 1983 I grew up in SCGS. One of the best time in my life. Making some of the best friends of my life. I spent five years in the school because I failed my sec 1. I am thankful I did cos it was my second year in sec 1 that I found my way back to God and back to church and found the spouse. Till today, it is the same church that I am attending. Imagine, all these would not have been possible if not for my second year in sec 1. Did I become a failure because I repeated sec 1? No, I am successful in my own way. Always remember, we only fail but we are no failure. Profound?

Most of my batch left SCGS in 1983 and for these long 30 years, most of us have gone our separate ways BUT… we have found each other, a good 50% is found. Very sadly, two of them have passed away. This is life. How many more 30 years do I have. This 28th July, come what may, I will reunite with my girls.

class sec1
Sec 1

Sec 4

Can you spot, yours truly?

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