Opportunity knocking

Kai has been selected for the creative writers’ workshop. If he clears the criteria, he will be mentored by an author. I am so happy for him. See, don’t under estimate a “no-brand” school. Everything happen in life for a purpose. Yes, God is in control. I see so much potential in him…

I must fight it. The Darkness. It seduces me, lulls me ever closer. I try to fight it. I am losing. My vision clouds over. I try harder. My head falls onto a hard, cold surface. I float along in Darkness. Suddenly, reality returns. Laughters. Caught sleeping in class again.

His writing has matured with him. Gone are the fantasy world of thrillers, ghosts and monsters. He can now write in various form. The next stage, I would like to bring him to write critically, argumentatively. Slowly, one step, one genre. 

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