All about then and now

They are the best of friends. Family friends. Knew each other since Montessori days. You can tell who is the cheeky one, trying to act cool.

The best of cousins. Any change?

When they were younger, they were really a handful. The eldest (middle one) is an autistic kid with a big heart. He never fails to share. I always tell Kai and Ann, they must learn from their big cousin on the virtue of sharing.

I am such an irony, to wish that they will grow up fast yet sometimes, I wish they will be little toddlers again.

Then, there were four …
4 kiddos
She is surrounded by boys, that’s why, she is not someone to mess with.

When she first started school, for the first six months, she was always thinking of her days and friends in SSIS. No one wanted to be her friend here because the kids already have their group of friends.  They have already known each other since P1. In fact, some of the girls were very unkind. They asked her to sit away from them, didn't want her to join them at recess etc.... Thank God, she is very resilient. She made friends with the boys instead. Hahaha. See, other than IQ and EQ, you need SQ (social quotient), very important.

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