Celebrating with families

What I did…

Two weeks before…
The three of us – October babies in the family

Mum with her famous roast lamb

 DSC00982 DSC00978
Actual day. Only 16 candles. Forever 16.  *Wink*

The spouse made arrangement and I had my birthday dinner at Jamie’s the next day

One page menu. Well, if your food is good, you really don’t need to have quantity

  DSC00989 DSC00991
 DSC00993 DSC00994
 DSC00995 DSC00996 
 DSC01001 DSC01002
How to go on special diet like that!

Nice food, great service. A little more light will be perfect

Two days after, the celebration continues. Running my first race with my girl
2.4KM, we finished the race. Short run but we will slowly increase…when?

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