What a change

It has been only one year, yet, this one year has seen such a great change! Last year, I struggled to find the right school for Kai. Look what he is doing this year…

My boy – the resilient one, the strong man, the fighter.

This time, he is the one talking to parents and the P6ers about his school. Giving them a better understanding of what his school is all about. As a mum, I am very proud of him. Since going to S1, he has grown very much. He still has his many bad habits but I must learn to count my blessings. He has indeed matured as a person. We have tried on a few occasions leaving him and Ann alone. On all the occasions, he has risen up to the challenge of being the big brother in charge of the house and his little sister. Ann has also learned that when mum and pops are not around, big brother is in charge!
This was what I wrote last year…

We were all looking forward to Home for Christmas but honestly, it wasn’t the best. It has been one roller coaster ride. It has been very demanding and draining mentally, emotionally and physically. It was trusting and believing even when the world came crashing down on you. Challenges in life have to be handled but when it came to injustice, discrimination, it was an uphill task to fight. Even as a mum, trying her darnest to ease the pain, it proved too much for me that I broke down many times, even crying myself to sleep.

What a change indeed!

So much truth in this.

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