My maiden “talk”

I was selected to attend a seminar conducted by MOE and to bring it back to school to share with the other parents. I had two sessions and attended by a HOD, principal and the vice principal. It was a good talk and I received many good comments.

"Shirley's sharing was concise and thought-provoking.  I liked her example of kid's ability to tie shoelaces."
"Shirley's sharing was practical and clear."
"Although a short session, I believe it's a session that can trigger parents to think through what we have been "doing" to our children."
"I really enjoyed Shirley's sharing!  I completely agree with her and wish my husband was there to listen too!  She did very well in illustrating her points in a concise manner."
"I find it very meaningful and would like to share with my child."
“Clear, strong voice, can relate to your examples, agree with content, many parents already know but are just not practising what they should do”
“Shirley was in her element and was superb.”

 You know all these would not be possible if God had not work in me and prayers from me cell members. Just before I spoke, I prayed and then told God, “let’s go.”  If God can use a housewife, He can use you too!

You know, I would love to start an 'anti-tuition' movement!


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