So much, so overwhelming, so stressed

It has been a stress-filled month. Two assignments and one project due. Home renovation and practicum to do. Yes, it has been one crazy month. I was half-way through my second assignment but decided to blog instead. Therapeutic.

Also in physical pain. Three mouth ulcers and I have a parent to meet tomorrow. I pray I will get better. You know, counselling is very therapeutic. Although, it is not for me, somehow the words that come out from my mouth, is so calming for myself.

Last week, I saw a girl. She doesn’t know who is her biological father. She now stays with her stepfather and her mother has remarried. So, “I have three fathers!” How complicating can one’s life get.

The year is ending soon. Ann will be in P5 next year and Kai sec 3 and I will be in my final year for my study. Stressed? I ain’t see nothing yet. But I promise myself that I will not get sucked into the lab and be one of the rats. Ann and Kai have more or less know what they want and what they are aiming for. I am not going to interfere. I think what they want is fine with me. No, I will not tell them they can’t make a living out of it. I was at the Eric Moo’s concert. He talked about his success journey. The only reason he went to school was for music. He failed his ‘O’ levels twice and failed his ‘A’ levels. Didn’t go to Uni but ended up in the Uni of LIFE. Wrote beautiful songs but was rejected three times. On the fourth try, he was discovered. The rest is history. Of course, the kids now live in a more complicated society but as long as they can find peace with themselves, that’s enough.

Ok, time to get back to my work! Before that, let me share with you one of my personal favourite.

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