Part-time contractor

I have changed house so many times and I have only used one contractor but this time, we decided to change. Remember I wrote about we were stuck with two houses. We decided not to use our usual contractor because we thought it was only prudent to save on renovation work in case we really couldn’t sell the house. (When we started renovating, we have not sold the house)

Lesson learned, good contractors are hard to come by, once you found one, you just have to use him for life.

So, we started renovating our house. First mistake, to tile the tiles horizontally, our tiles were tiled vertically. Can we live with it? Is it a major mistake? Do we have to fuss over it? Ok, it is fine. Will just accept it but please be more careful. Aiyo………………what followed were mistakes and more mistakes. Kitchen tiles became toilet tiles, lights positioned wrongly etc, etc, etc… Finally, the kitchen sliding door was like two plank of wood stuck together. No, that cannot be accepted.

How can someone keep on making mistakes? How can?

At one time, I became the contractor and supervise the workers!
The final straw, the air-con started leaking barely three days into staying in the house. Ok, no more being nice, We threatened legal suit. The big boss came down and did service recovery.


Raining on the inside 

Sometimes, you just need to create noise until action is taken. The big boss from the renovation company came down, the big boss from the air con company came down. Who likes legal suit? Yes, we actually consulted and got some legal advice.

Does kindness always beget kindness? Frankly, no. Do we continue to be kind? Yes, we do.

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