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Haven’t been writing cos’ the eyes just dry up easily in front of the screen. Write, I must.

So much have happened these past few weeks. I have just returned from a three-day Women’s Christian Conference. It was an amazing time. I would encourage all stay-at-home mum to take the opportunity to leave your house and get out and attend something different once a while. At least, once a year. It is so refreshing for the mind, body and soul. I must thank the spouse for taking time out to take over mum’s job. It was good bonding for the kids and him too.

I was reluctant to go at first because of the distance. From Dover to Bedok, taking train would take almost one hour, praying hard that it will not break down. I am so glad that I disciplined myself to go. It was really exhausting as the conference started as early as 8.30am.

During the conference, I had the privilege of meeting some woman movers and shakers such as Elim Chew, Nanz Chong, Thio Li-Ann. Rev Naomi Dowdy and international speaker, Lisa Bevere (Google them and you will know why these are great women). Meeting and getting to know some of the women there really humbled me. Among them, were former bankers, lawyers who gave up promotions and big money to set up homes, organisations for the under privileged. The director of Teen Challenge is a mum of four young kids and WITHOUT a maid. It blew our minds off. How do these women do it. Yes, it takes supernatural power and a faith as small as a mustard seed to believe and dare to step out to make a difference.

“If ever there comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” Matthew Arnold

I was reminded that God did not create me to be tame. Pray scary prayers and watch how He works in my life. It is funny how God can make use of our fears to wake us up. When we confront our fears, we become fearless.

Of all that I have learned at the conference, what stuck with me was this “Well-behaved women rarely make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. This is really funny but it made me think and I realised that there is so much truth in it. Look at Rahab. Rahab was a prostitute. Her house was located on the wall of the city and was strategically placed to lodge travellers. This was a prime location for her trade. Rahab had heard of the God of Israel and acted in faith. By hiding the spies she faced the risk of being killed if caught by the authorities. However Rahab knew it would take a step of faith to get her out of her present predicament. She did not intend to die with the rest of Jericho. She knew that if she did nothing - this would lead to her destruction. She made a  decision to act in faith on what she heard about God. (Joshua 2).

What about Mary? Someone more familiar. She agreed to carry Jesus although she was an unwed teenager. In ancient days, what would people think of her? There are many more women in the Bible who have gone against the flow of things. Even Elim Chew, she was no good student. A girl who wasn’t interested in studies. Now, a celebrated entrepreneur with multiple accolades and awards. Her passion, the youth, the under privileged. If you shop at Vivocity. Go there on the last weekend of each month. There is a flea market selling handicrafts made by a group of special people and run by themselves.

Am I a well-behaved woman? Hmmm…maybe not. I think I am a pain to some people but I am no great woman. Just different in my own way.

NOTE : I am not asking you to go out and not behave. These women have misbehaved for a good cause. These are God’s chosen women. *Smile* BUT, you can make a difference!

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