Another good piece

Going through Kai’s holiday homework. One of them, a poem he wrote…

Sparkler Nights
When I was a child,
I longed for Sparkler Nights.
When my imagination would take flight.
When dancing stars and smiling moon come out,
And matches flair, sparks fly sizzling through the sky
But when they sputter out and die,
It just isn’t fair,
Gone is the magic in the air

And he even attached a picture of him playing the sparkler in his pj, he was just three.

It’s picture like this which always make me wish….they will never grow up. So cute, isn’t he.

I am not sure what prospect is there being a writer in Singapore. A place which places little value in Literature. If his talent is indeed in this area, I will do everything I can to make sure he gets the best in order to reach his fullest potential. A Wordsworth in the making.

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