Haze, time to get out

What we did when PSI hit 401 in Singapore.

20130621_112447 20130621_112505
He just “broke” their chair! The kids called this the Dr Seuss’ house

Great hands-on activity

20130621_120418  20130621_115925
I love these. Just using rope and UV light to create art

20130621_122412 20130621_122548 20130621_122536
Inside the Art Museum. The former SJI.

Guess what is this portrait made of?

Believe it…shampoo caps

This poster shows the art of embroidery

Reminded me of Sam Lo (aka sticker lady)

Playing with lights.

Why do they always say we have no talent. Look at all these creative works of our people. Seriously, I think we still live in the colonial era where anything "angmorish" is considered art. What the locals do is the 'V' word. Just like 'obit' design sold in market is considered so aunty but same 'orbit' design with a glam label is so in, so fashionable.

Check the site The Art Museum to know more about these activities. Better than getting stuck at home, facing the one-eye monster.

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