Hazy days

We have been living in a haze country for the past many days. Today was the scariest of them all. At 11am plus, PSI peaked at 401. This is a collection of my ‘hazy’ pictures.

This was taken at the start of the hazy days. Not too bad.  

This was taken on Wednesday around 7.30pm. By midnight, it hit PSI 300

Start of dreadful days to come. Notice the tennis court is empty. We have three tennis courts in the development, they are always used. These few days, the whole compound has become a ghost town. Notice, I could even look at the sun and capture this shot.

Yesterday, one of the worst recording.

This was taken today around 9am. The sun has turned orange-red. By 11am, it went up to PSI 401.
Kai’s Boys Brigade camp was cancelled. MOE has ordered all schools to cancel all the June holiday programmes.

Well, many has commented that there was nothing the government could do but I think, if they are good leaders with foresight, this could have been avoided or at least, it wouldn’t end up so bad. Every year, we all know haze will come around this time. It is a matter of how bad it will be. Just because the past few years, the wind direction was in our favour, we were not so affected. The leaders just ‘la-la-ing’ away. Do we wait for the wind direction to determine the people’s welfare? A true leader will solve the problem when there is one, not until it become catastrophic, then start looking for solution. This is caused by man which means, there is a solution. Unlike the 2004 tsunami. It was purely a natural disaster.  Remember also, I talked about messing with Mother Nature? We may not have it so bad if our greeneries were not destroyed too much, too soon.

The saddest part in the haze situation, at 400 PSI, no stop work order was given, at least for all construction sites. It would have been good for all outdoor workers and all the people who stayed near these construction sites. Dollars have superseded welfare of humans. What else is going to happen when the country is so driven by money? I fear for the fall of this nation. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Tim 6:10

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