Kids are doing well

Kai was asked to share to the whole school on his thoughts on a story which all students must read. It was his first time, addressing to the whole school. It was a good opportunity for him in building his self-confidence.

He is also doing well for his creative arts workshop. If he does well for the school selection, he will move on to a mentorship programme.

I am an open-minded parent. In fact, I think all parents should approach their kids with an open mind. Their education should not be about fulfilling your wishes and unaccomplished dreams. Well if your wishes are his interests, great! If not, please allow them to pursue their love.

Being a writer may not give him a Merz or a condo or earning millions but I know one thing for sure, it will make him a very happy person.

Ann is also excelling in her own way.
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Excellent results from her. She also sat for English and Math, waiting for the results.

Honestly, I just let her sit for the assessment with no added stress. Today, she is sitting for the GEP assessment. No studying, no prep class. Just go and do her best. Sometimes, I think, this works best for the kids. Learning requires energy. Piling them with tuition and countless assessments books may not help. Yes, some kids strive under stress but seriously, most kids just want to be …yes, KIDS!

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