The nastiest of all

This week has been a very ‘turbulent’ week. Ann was sick. Very sick. One of the nastiest virus attack ever. Three years in Shanghai, she has never missed school for a week. At most two days and she was up and running. Yes, she is basically a very healthy and strong girl.

Parents, when your kids are sick, don’t pump them with panadol and send them to school or any classes. This is so irresponsible of you. Last Saturday, one of her classmates from her ballet class was not feeling well but was still present in class. Her mother had told the teacher that if she was not well enough to dance, she could sit by the side to watch. In less than 15 mins, her mother decided to bring her home because the little girl could not even watch by the side line. Clearly, she was so ill.

By Sunday morning, Ann was running a low-grade fever. On Monday morning, it shot up to 39 C. Then it was non-stop. On top of that, she had prolong nose bleed, lasting up to thirty minutes. Saw the family doctor but no improvement. Finally, went to see a specialist and did a blood test. The result came back, she had low count for the white blood cells. White blood cells play an important function in our body. They are the commandos in our body who put up fierce fight against virus that attack us. They also play an important role in helping our blood to clog. With the low count, Ann’s fever never completely subside and her nose bleeding takes a long time to stop.

Being an active child, staying at home means she is bored to tears. I decided to go and pick up some work from school for her but warn the teacher that it is unlikely for her to finish the work because she will only do if SHE decides that she is well enough to do. Yours truly is no tiger mum! She is only a lioness. *wink*
Surprisingly, Ann completed half the homework in one sitting. See what I mean, she is a tough cookie.

Full concentration

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