The Great Reunion (Part I)

We may have just broken the SCGS reunion record. Some 87 pretty ladies gathered on the 28th July 2013 for the great reunion after 30 long years. For some of us, it was our first meet up since 1983. Some of us are still slim and trim, some of us have added on some kilos thanks to child-birth... one thing for sure, we all have a line or two. In whatever shape we came in, one thing hasn’t changed. The confident SCGS girl in all of us. Among us, are doctors, lawyers, engineers, businesswomen, stay-at-home-mums, semi-retirees, teachers...whatever our profession, on that day, we were all just the Class of 1983. The young, wild, giggling girls were all out for a great time of reunion.

There were about 180 in our cohort. 87 turned up, some 30 girls were based overseas, sadly two among us have passed on. The rest were not contactable. Looking at the figures, it was an almost 50% attendance. A very good turn out considering we have left school for 30 years. Thanks to Facebook and other social media, we managed to find so many of us. This is the spirit of SCGS, this is the power of women when they come together. Also present, were some teachers who have moulded us and of course, our well respected principal, Miss Rosalind Heng. She led us with an iron fist but often, so gentle like a mum to many of us.

Beautiful backdrops. It was like going back in time.

cake 2
Not one but two cakes were baked for the special occasion. All done by two of the girls

 DSC00622 DSC00626
Guests streaming in and more photographs for memory sake

The arrival of our VIP. She mingled with all of us

Pictures from yester years contributed by each and every girl. See what I mean, girls are superb when they come together

DSC00638 DSC00639
Nice deco for the party of the year

Believe this…this lady is in her mid-forties and still fits into her daughter’s uniform

Singing the school song…

This lady was found only on the day itself. Amazing!

Cake cutting after the song

One final picture of all the ‘kim geks’.

Thank you ladies for such a beautiful day. Thank you for taking time to find each other.

(This reflects our time-honoured tradition, because gold and jade in Hokkien (Kim Gek) and in Mandarin (JinYu) connotes a young  girl brought up and educated in the best manner – SCGS website)

I am a ‘kim gek’.

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