The Great Reunion (Part II)

After the reunion, a group of us went to visit the old sitting on Emerald Hill. The visit brought back so much memories.

DSC00689 DSC00686
The primary school block

This was where I studied when I was in sec 2.

DSC00695   DSC00684
School field and basketball/netball court

  DSC00696 DSC00697
School canteen below. Gym and library upstairs

These were the ECA rooms. See that old tree over there? It has been there since my time.

This lane will bring you to Emerald Hill. The current school using this place has put up grilles everywhere making this place look like a rehab center. SAD!

What used to be a toilet is now student services. At least they kept the NCC rifle room.

The old staff room and the hall. Those benches look very much like what I used to sit on

A final picture with our favourite tree.

What saddens me is to realise the campus on Emerald Hill was declared a significant historical site by the National Heritage Board yet it was leased to at least two international schools. They have very much destroyed the character of the buildings to meet the needs of their school. This is indeed sad for this country. On one hand the authority is creating event such as The Heritage Fest. On the other hand, these historical buildings are not being preserved. What an irony!

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