So much have happened and I have done quite a lot. Perhaps, to catch up with all the moments I have missed out for the past few years when I was away…

Nick Vujicic in Singapore

One of my favourite author. I first got to know of this inspiring man as an author. I was captivated by the book cover of his first book, “Life without Limits” which I first saw in Shanghai. He went on to become an evangelist and a motivational speaker. His life is simply inspiring. At 10 years old, he was thinking of ending his life because he saw no hope in his future but the thought of sending his parents into depression just made him live on and like what they always say, “the rest is history.”

Recently, he was in Singapore and I brought the whole family to watch him speak. Kai was very inspired by him and I believed, he was touched by him.

Jason Chee, the navy guy who lost three limbs in a nasty accident was also present. Our very own hero. A strong man with a strong determination to live on in spite of. Ms Aishah Samad, SEA shooter, bronze medallist, who lost four limbs to bacterial infection which she was infected when in China. These people, really put some able-bodied people to shame.

Mobbed by a crowd

His first book which opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities
Some gems from listening to his talk…
  • FEAR – false evidence appearing real but FAITH – full assurance in the heart.
  • If you don’t see a miracle, be the miracle. If God tells us everything, we won’t need faith
  • Faith is facing a potential which we cannot see…


That’s the thing about coming home. You are with friends and families and weddings and gatherings and everything else which involve people you love and care about.
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Just sitting down, waiting for the wedding couple and dinner to be served is really boring. We had out pictures taken by professional photographers. Apparently, this is the latest fad at wedding dinners. Hmmm, we are indeed behind time. Time to catch up!


Two girls came back from overseas and we, the ex-SCGS girls met up again.
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 DSC00937 DSC00939
Girls and food and chats, they made the perfect trio!

and the others…

The next few weeks will be a busy time. Kids will be having their final year exams. Since July, I have been attending the parent facilitator training. The course is ending soon, a presentation coming up and a reflection report due next week.

It has been an eye opening course. So many of our kids are suffering and so many parents are so lack of knowledge in dealing with their kids. One most upsetting case which was shared by my trainer was this 16 year old girl. She is not just your ordinary girl. She is a very rich girl. She has a personal driver who sends her to school and picks her from school. She has money to buy anything which only some girls can dream of. However, she loves to steal. Every now and then she will steal something from a shop. It is not that she doesn’t have the money. She is rich. Her wallet is filled with cash each time when she was caught. Her parents were at a lost and sent her for counselling. My trainer took up her case. After many rounds of counselling, the young girl finally opened up and revealed the reason for stealing.

“It is only when I steal, the school will call up both my parents and it is only in such occasion, I can see both my parents.” Sad.

Both parents are successful professionals and travel very often. They hardly have time for their only child.

Today, in IMH, many children, as young as seven and eight years old are roaming at the courtyard. It is indeed very sad. This society has been completely blinded by the rat race.
I hope to be able to train other parents to see their children as kids and not a commodity to fulfill their (parents)  lost dreams.


When all is over and done, I am looking forward to the year-end family holiday where we will hit the road. Melbourne-Sydney-Gold Coast. Down under, here we come!

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