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Kai came home with his report book. Another straight As except for Chinese, E8 but I told him, it is still an improvement. He had a F9 for mid-year. It will get better. He has been selected to represent the school for the Inter-school Literature quiz organised by the National Library. Lots of exposure for him. I am happy.

Last week, we were at school to see him present at the school showcase nite.


Well done, my son.

At dinner today, I asked him how he felt about his secondary 1 experience. He said he felt very good. School life has been very exciting and interesting although there were more school work. However, we both agreed that he has been very consistent in his studies and at the end of the day, it has been a relatively, stress-free year.

In spite of being a teenager, I am very glad that he does not display the “teenager rebellious phase”. He has been very good and I have very much left him on his own.


Ann has been busy with her gifted education programme (GEP). She cleared round one of the selection test and that made her one of the top 10% of gifted kids in Singapore. She went for round two. She wanted to go and was very excited about it. She woke up really early and went for it. There was a pleasant surprise. At the test center, she met her BFF from Shanghai. They both attended the same school and have been friends since K2. She pray that both of them will make it to the GEP and be classmates once again.

This GEP thing, the only thing I did with her to prepare her was to tell her “you have to use a lot more of this (pointing to her head)”. With just that, off she went. Well, we will wait and see if she gets into the gifted programme. I know she is up to it. As for now, I am busy with getting her ready for her SA2.

My life is busy isn’t it? Busy for others!


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