The Hamlet in me at play again.

This past weekend was a very complex one, it is all about life. A cousin got married and we were there to celebrate. One of my cousins broke the news that our uncle is suffering from cancer, third stage, throat cancer. Then, we received news that we will soon have a new member added to the family.

A good friend mum who also had cancer is just waiting for the time. One of the lungs have already collapsed. Haiz…it is all part and parcel of life.

I felt sad for this uncle cos’ he is really a good man. A Christian, good husband, a good father. Non-smoker, non-gambler, non-womanizer.  不抽,不赌, 不嫖, 的好好男人.

It is one of those days where one question God “Why do bad things happen to good people?” A question with no answer. It is also a time where it is easy to blame God. What good is there to play the blaming game. I have been around to know that this is life and acceptance is the best way to go.
While I am being surrounded by people I love, I will just appreciate them and live my life to the fullest and eat to the fullest!

Incidentally, I have received my medical report and I have high cholesterol. My bad cholesterol is high, my good cholesterol is also high. Looks like I need to zumba more!

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