The great Oz adventure - Part I

Our great Oz adventure started with Melbourne. By the time we arrived, check-out, bought our phone card, check into the hotel it was close to 10pm. Thankfully, there were hard-working Asians, we managed to get a nice Korean dinner at a Korean restaurant.
DSC01008 DSC01010
 DSC01012 DSC01009
Citadines at Bourke Street. Nice, clean and comfy hotel. My only complaint, no laundry in the apartment.

Melbourne is known as a city with four seasons within a day. It was 9 deg C when we were there for summer! Thankfully, we had jeans, light jacket and a rain jacket and of course, heat pads from the chemist. Heat pads for summer?

Nevertheless, Melbourne remains a nice city for us. The people are nice and friendly even in the city center. The environment is very pleasant.

Our first lunch appointment with the spouse’s ex-colleague. We were treated to real Italian food.

Then we roam the streets of Melbourne.
Christmas in the air

Nothing can stop the shoppers

DSC01019 DSC01021
 DSC01022 DSC01023
Moving Christmas story outside Myer. They do this every year. Each display window shows a chapter of a Christmas story with narration. You move along to enjoy the display and listen to the story.

That night, we had a fun dinner with the Leishman family. Friends are important in our lives. I have known some of them for 20 to 30 years. We had so much fun that the boy cried when we went home. Precious.

Visit to Melbourne is not complete without a visit to the Victoria Market.
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 DSC01049 DSC01050
 DSC01052 DSC01051
The kids love markets. Even if there is nothing to buy, browsing around and enjoying the atmosphere are good enough.

 DSC01054 DSC01055
Hot coffee and hot chocolate kept us nice and warm.

The final dinner was with my ex-colleague. She brought us to a Vietnamese restaurant. The best in Melbourne. The food was superb. Sorry, no pix as we were too engrossed eating and talking.

Our fourth visit to Melbourne but never a dull moment.

Our next stop, Sydney. We flew via Tiger Airways. Daredevil pilot and lousy airport staff. Budget, what was I expecting?

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