The great Oz adventure - Part II


Our next stop. Sydney. When we visit a city, we must never miss their icons…
Post-card perfect shot.

The Sydney Opera House. Smaller than what I had imagined

  DSC01173 DSC01174
No, we didn’t climb the bridge. It cost a whopping AUD220 per head!

A wedding ceremony going on. Caught it from the bridge. What a nice place to get married.

To market, to market…again
The Eveleigh Market, farmer’s market. Love it!

DSC01072 DSC01079
Baskers, fun group.

 DSC01098 DSC01099
Homemade chocolates. Yum!

Oh, I also met my virtual friend at the market for a short meet-up. We have known each other virtually since US days. When I told the kids that I was meeting my internet friend. They were shocked. “Mummy, you said cannot make friends from the internet, right?” . “Yes, but when you are my age, acquired wisdom from life’s experiences, it is ok to meet them.”
The famous Paddington Market

DSC01112 DSC01114
Beautiful silver. Sugar, mustard and pepper holder. Real silver for AUD20. I thought it was a steal.

That night, we caught the fireworks display from our hotel room. What’s the reason? The arrival of festivities!

Another weekend market – The Rocks
I salute the Australians and most of all the Australian authorities who chose to listen. If only some myopic leaders could do the same.

Rows and rows of stalls selling quirky stuff.

More baskers. The lady is really funny.

Nice little cafes. We had lunch in one of them. Very enjoyable!

This colicky baby is now a fine young gentleman.

Scenes from the harbour

Artist at work

They live simply. Yes, live simply.

The Invisible Man. Read about him and now, we see him!

That night, we had dinner at a friend’s place. Sydney sure has posh condos!

Does this look like a condo?

View from her home. Can you spot all the icons of Sydney?

Yummilious dinner, million dollar view of the city. I am blessed beyond description. In everything, give thanks!

Next, I will share with you one of the beautiful masterpieces of God…The Blue Mountain

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