If you are good, you are really good
Met an old time friend recently. We chatted and talked about our kids. He told me me that his eldest is now in London doing his Masters in Law. In fact, he has already secured a job as a DPP here before flying off.
I remember this little boy. He was with the church Royal Rangers and I could often see him running around in church. That year, when he sat for his PSLE and when the results were out, I was asking my friend if his son was heading to RI. My friend was an old boy of RI. Naturally, I would expect his son to follow in his footstep. No, he said he would let his son decide. His son picked Swiss Cottage instead. I remember asking the boy why and he said, “I just like it.” By the way. he more than qualified for RI.

He has grown up and moved on to study law in NUS and will soon be a DPP.
Did going to a “normal” school stripped him of all the opportunities? Did it stopped him from becoming a lawyer? Look at some parents now, they are doing everything to get their kids to top school and probably, end up being a doctor, lawyer, engineer…whatever. I think this boy clearly showed that if you are good, you are really good. No school will make you good .

Incidentally, Ann came home and told me that one of her closer friends want to go to Harvard. Ann told her, “I just want to go to SOTA!”

Follow your dream, my girl!

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