Learning journey...
Ann came out from school and asked me if she should take part in the Math Olympic Competition. Inside of me, I was “hmmm, ahhhh, really?”

Me : You sure you want to? You won’t be stressed?
Ann : I thought of trying. But teacher said that we will be tested on P5 Math.
Me : Huh?
Ann : I feel like it. First round will be in school. Second round will be in NUS
Me : If you really want.
Ann : I ask koko (Kai) tonight.

Such is the spirit of Ann. She just enjoys trying. How can I, as her mum, kill this spirit? Even if she doesn’t win anything, the experience will be something which will stay with her for a long time. It will be part of her learning journey.


At night…

Ann : Koko, should I go for the Math Olympic Competition?
Kai : Competition or class? Competition, you go. Class, don’t go.
Me : (Hahaha) She already finished the class last year!
Kai : Ok, go!

You go, girl!

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