Stressful days, depressing days but all is well with my soul

I haven’t been writing much cos I have been busy with my daily chores, studies and of course managing my kids. Ann has been really difficult for the past weeks and months. She is stressed. I don’t blame her. The amount of work that is given to a 10 year old kid is crazy. The teachers are busy finishing the syllabus and the kids are busy with completing their homework. Absolutely right, there is no learning. It makes me wonder what is the purpose of education. Where is the change?

As a young kid, she doesn’t know how to cope with this new found stress. She released by shouting at us and of course, being a stay-at-home-mum, I get the most of it. When she goes into a frenzy, there is no stopping her. I am laden with a heavy heart. My only refuge is to stuff earphones into my ears and just listen to God’s words. A comfort and I try the darnest to stay calm.

But when the shouting went on for days, the patience runs out and on one occasion, I actually slapped her on her face. A wake-up slap that you do not shout at your mother, you do not show disrespect to your mother. Unimaginable, that coming from me. It hurt her physically but it damaged me emotionally.

When all has calmed down, what do I do? Apologise. Yes, good mum apologises. Yes, good parenting is about eating the humble pie not without first explaining why you react the way you reacted. That the behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.
The flour has gone stale, the sugar has turned into rocks. I have no time for baking therapy. It is just do, do, do….

I think, my lessons in class are my therapeutic sessions.

This is one gadget that is a need.

This is what I have learned in class. Where do you belong? Most people are placating. They try too hard to give in. Ann belongs to the blaming part. I really have to help her, I really need to.

I agree. “The problem is not the problem, coping is!”

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