Malacca trip
Ann, at nine years old, went for her first overseas trip. I was pretty worried at first but I couldn’t stop her from going. It was a learning journey with the school. All through her growing up years, I have been teaching her life skills, survival skills, never talk strangers, always keep to the group… I guess, it was time for her to put them into practice. With much prayers, we saw her off to her first overseas trip without us.
Cheerful little spirit, all ready for the time of her life.

After two days and one night, she came home, safe and sound. She talked so much about her trip and what was most comforting was that she remembered everything I have been teaching her. She even helped her room mates to turn on the shower. You see, the hotel’s shower was the two taps kind. One hot and one cold, you have to balance it well so that you would not be burnt or be shivering in the shower . Not surprising, often, the kids today are used to the self-adjusted type of tap or the parents would be doing for them. In short, low on life skills.

Then, there was the squatting toilet to be used. She even taught some kids how to do it right…hahaha. Thanks to our three years stay in China.

Teach the child to fish and she will never go hungry!

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