The journey begins
Started my Masters in Social Science course. Last night, was the first lecture.
I left formal school in 1987. After a break of seven years, I went back to studies in 1995 to do my degree. I graduated in 2000 and at the same time gave birth to Kai. Now 2014, I find myself back in school again. A long break of fourteen years and with two kids in tow, I am back. I wonder what gave me the courage to return to the books? Have I gone mad? But I am very thankful that I found the right school. A lesson for all who wants to do private studies. Make sure you have researched enough, talked to the right people. There have been many cases of fake private institutions. After collecting the fees, were not able to start classes.

The school has insurance for all students to protect their welfare, there were contracts to sign, fees can be paid by instalments with zero interest.

After the orientation last week, I came home to tell the spouse that I was overwhelmed but he being a supportive husband  told me that I will do well because that is my passion.  Last night, as I sat at the lecture room, I heard of so many cases… …the single lady who was in her 30s didn't mean to say what she said to her cancer-stricken mum just before she died …the 14 year-old girl who has three fathers  ... the man who threw his wife into the swimming pool …the mum of four who felt that she was merely a helper at home and nothing else ... however, all came out of their situations, a winner because they found the right counsellor. This is what life should be. Before I pass on, let me leave a legacy for those whom I leave behind.  Tay Ping Hui, a Singapore actor said it very well…

 “What I’d like for our society is not to shy away from moments of compassion. To be human, care. If you’re angry or feel injustice, do something. Act, don’t just talk.”


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