Health is wealth if you still doubt it…

 I went for my practicum briefing at St Theresa’s Home. As I walked up the slope, memories just flooded my mind. Some 30 odd years ago, I was at the same home. It was then known as the Little Sisters of the Poor. I was just a student and was with the Red Cross Society. I was there with my team to do some voluntary work for the elderly. Roll back to the present, I am now a mother of two and back to where I first did my voluntary work.

The premise is beautiful. I salute to all the beautiful hearts who have put their heart and soul into making this place so serene, filled with tranquillity for the 200 elderly residents who are living the last lap of their lives. This is indeed giving them the full respect and dignity as they live out their life to the fullest.  I went home with so much emotions and deep thoughts.

The Hamlet in me surfacing.

I think having a great home, having the space to move around were great ideas. The home even has their own mini-mart for the elderly to do their own shopping. It gave them a sense of ownership and responsibility. What a nice idea. However, all the residents were wheelchair bound. It saddened me so much to see some of them longing for their families and friends to visit them. Some, just stood and looked out of the windows with a forlorn look. What was going on in their mind, what were their thoughts? Was it a hope for a family member to come, was it a look into their past, how they were strong and healthy then or was it just a wait for the last day of their journey on earth?  Thinking of my own parents, they really take care of themselves. Nothing to do with eating the best tonic. It is just living simply. They sleep early, wake up early (the wake up early, I pick from them but sleep early…erm…), believe it or not, they still sleep with no aircon, fish is their main diet and regular check-up. I am thankful to God for blessing them.

“Health is better than wealth” took on a new meaning today.

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