This is what it is all about
Me : How was your 作文  exam?
Kai : I tried my best
Me : Good. What was the title?
Kai : 一个能令我学习的人
Me : who did you write?
Kai : You and papa
Me : (I felt a lump in my throat)

I almost cried. When I made up my mind some 10 over years ago to be a full-time mum, to be the main caregiver to our children, all I wanted was to give them the best. As years passed and as they grew up, all I wanted was that they would become man and woman of character.

When I heard Kai told me  that he wrote about emulating us in his Chinese essay, I was very touched. It was not about us being the great parents, it was about us leaving something in his life that he was able to write about. It was about him, being able to write about his parents in his essay. Now, which teenager would want to do that and do that in their school essay? I have always instilled in Kai and Ann, never be afraid to be different. More so for Kai when he went into secondary school where peer influence could be very great. I drilled and I drilled…speak up, stand up for what you believe in. The phrase “no herd mentality” is often heard in our home.

Today, I see my son personifying it!

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