Kaisu (afraid to lose) parent for once

Yes, for the very first time, the spouse and I became kaisu parents. Ann is only 10 year old. She has two more years to go before she sits for her PSLE and decide which secondary school to go to. Last weekend, we brought her to SOTA (School of The Arts) open house. It was meant for P6 kids. Since Ann is into ballet and we were free, why not.

The school is impressive. Big, loads of space and first class facilities. They even have two fully equipped auditoriums (they may have more)…and who say all schools are the same ah?

We attended two dance showcases. The girls were good. There were three boys. I admired their courage to go against the norm and most of all, I respect their parents for allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Ann was captivated. She enjoyed the performances thoroughly. She went home and started practicing her splits. I think, going for the open house was a great idea. It gave her a goal to aim for. Being strong willed need not be a bad thing. If I am able to help her transform this trait into something positive, it becomes, determination. 


And who says we need foreign talent? This piece caught our attention. It was called pop-corn.
Do you get it? So good isn't it.

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