St Theresa’s Home, my second home?

I was caught in a heavy thunderstorm today as I made my way to St Theresa’s Home. In spite of the heavy downpour, I still made it there.  I was beginning to get use to visiting the home and my client and I think it would be really sad to finally say goodbye. It was an irony. One side of me did not like going there as it was really depressing to see these old people “caged up” in a home and a wheelchair. In a way, they were like prisoners. On the other side, I could see that these old people were very happy to see me. As the Lord leads me.

Mr Loon was very much neater and cleaner today. It took him a while to recognise me but at least he did. He was happy that I was reading the newspaper to him and he found the news on the couple who fought on a plane and got kicked out of the flight really funny. It was very disappointing once again to hear that his 6 children did not visit him again. While talking to him, another gentleman came over to join us. He was Mr Yang. He spoke very good English and was formerly an architect. He helped built the Tiong Bahru Mall. I thanked him for his contribution and told him he was a smart man. However, I could see the sadness in his eyes as he related about his family – two children, a son and a daughter were overseas. His wife was staying in KL, she was too old to look after him. He blamed no one but only wished he had more children. Really? If you have more kids, you will be well looked after? 

As we talked more, I became a little uncomfortable as he began asking me questions like if I was married….I excused myself and quickly pushed Mr Loon away with me. Every visit is a new adventure!

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