What a surprise!
Every year Mother’s Day is almost a non-event for me. Apart from cards made by the kids, that is all about it. This year, the spouse told me he was going to bring me to LeVel 33. It is a restaurant at the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, some atas (high class) place. Having been a mum for the past 14 years, this is the first. Wow…what a surprise! People always say, “you wait long long.” It is basically a cynical remark which means, just keep on waiting, it will never come. But I would like to change it to be more positive, 等久就有!(Wait long enough, you will have it) *Wink*

Kai’s pop-up card. Ann’s teddy. See the difference between a gift from a son and a gift from a daughter

Nice view

The ceiling has a mirror which will reflect the view below. Stylo!

Day. By the way, Ann deliberately smile that way! Very cheeky!

Night view

DSC01834 DSC01833
Trying to get Ann to smile properly!

The food…
10252098_10204041394739660_5659648241136148202_n 10339592_10204041395059668_3539407151745654477_n
ermmm…I give it 5/10 but the cheese variety was great. The stout cheddar was delicious. The service was impeccable. Really flawless.

Finally, a nice family photo.
Thanks to my hao hao nan ren. It was really a nice surprise.

This is a casual place. No need to dress up. Some ang-moh even wear singlet. Don’t be deceived by the look, it is really a nice place to chill.
(If we have time, I bring you there ;))

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