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In life, sometimes you have to push hard enough to make things happen especially it is for the good of the larger community.

4 April

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to you directly as I think this is the fastest and best way to see things get done.   I am a mother with a child studying at Henry Park Primary School. I am extremely concerned with the road safety of the school environment and the safety of the school children. I hope you will look into this and take action as fast as possible before another tragedy take away the lives of our young children.

Recently, the school has instructed the children to use the designated pedestrian crossings near the school. While I applaud the school for this, I would like to highlight to you that the location of these pedestrian crossings are at dangerous zones. Please see diagram below:

Children who need to take Bus.92 towards Ghim Moh Road/ Buona Vista MRT station has to walk to RGPS bus stop (blue line) as there are no designated crossing to use. By doing that, they expose themselves to danger when they cross Mt Sinai Lane (danger zone 1). This is made more dangerous when they start to run without stopping at the lane to watch for cars when they see the bus coming. Children who take Bus. 92 from Ghim Moh Road to school, get off at the bus stop infront of house no. 1, has to cross Holland Grove Drive (danger zone 2) in order to get to the zebra crossing at point A .

 I have seen on many occasions, big trucks and cement mixers plying these roads as there are houses being renovated or rebuilt in these areas.   I am seeking for LTA and MOE to work together to make this area safer for the children. I am suggesting that LTA shifts the current traffic light at position B (which is hardly being used) to position B1 so that children need not walk to RGPS to take Bus. 92. They can use the bus stop by the side of the old Henry Park Apartment. To shift the current zebra crossing from position A to position A1 so that they can get to school safely using the two newly proposed crossings. While these changes may inconvenient drivers, we should put the safety of our children first. I greatly appreciate it if you could take the necessary action soonest possible or come up with a plan for the children to get to school and to get home safely. 



2 May  

Safer roads for Henry Park school children (MW-Ulu Pandan)
FEEDBACK NUMBER: 20140404-1857

We refer to your email of 4 April 2014.

To regulate traffic, traffic marshals are deployed by the schools to aid motorists and pedestrian movement along Mount Sinai and Holland Grove Roads during peak hours. The schools have arranged to start classes consecutively; i.e. a 30 minute interval to avoid further impact to the traffic flow in the area. We have been constantly monitoring and working closely with the schools, to minimise the traffic impact and aid students crossing at the designated junctions safely. The schools has also assisted to place more traffic marshals and help regulate traffic during school peak periods. Please be informed that we are looking into providing an additional hump along Holland Grove Road. This will further moderate the travelling speed by motorists, before approaching the Mount Sinai Road junction. Also, chevron markings at the ingress will be introduced, to visually reduce the width of the road and facilitate a 2 stage crossing for students crossing at this junction to RGPS. Regarding your concern on the increasing presence of construction vehicles, the relevant contractors have been informed to avoid travelling in the vicinity during school peak hours.  Please be assured that LTA will continue to monitor the situation on site, and implement suitable enhancement measures where necessary. Separately, this information has been shared with the Traffic Police Department, for their assistance with road enforcement for the affected junctions mentioned.


22 May

Referring to your email dated 2 May 2014 (Our Ref: LTA/TRO/TTSO/TMC/F20.000.000/24488 )
You mentioned that the relevant contractors have been informed not to travel in the area during peak hours. I have continue to see heavy vehicles during peak hours. In just a few minutes, I saw a cement mixer and two trucks. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to capture them all. Attached is just one of the heavy vehicles I have managed to photograph.  On top of that, Far East Organization will soon be launching their development directly opposite Henry Park. Will we see more heavy vehicles plying outside the school?

I hope LTA view this seriously and take the June holiday where there are much fewer children in school to study how to make the area  safer for the young kids. Please do not allow the Tampines brothers tragedy to be repeated.



13 June

We refer to your preceding emails. Please be informed that your email is receiving attention from our Patrol Unit. Be assured that our officers from Patrol Unit will take your feedback into consideration when planning our operations. Thank you and have a pleasant day.


Dear Parents 
Road Improvement Works along Holland Grove Road

As mentioned in our last LTP, road improvement works along Holland Grove Road, in consultation with MOE and LTA, has been planned to be carried out during the June vacation to enhance road safety. 

The improvement works is near completion.  When school reopens you can expect to see the following road safety features along Holland Grove Road: (i) Railings starting from about 30m from existing traffic lights outside the school all the way to the start of the Mount Sinai junction.  The railings have been installed on both sides of the Holland Grove Road. (ii) Kerb at the bus bay egress to prevent vehicles exiting from the bus bay from turning left.  Please comply with this. (iii) Kerb at the level 3 egress to facilitate the left & right turns by vehicles.    (iv) Central road divider close to the new traffic light.…….

I am glad that I am one of those who pushed really hard for the safety of the school children. In life, I am not just a complainer, I put action to my words. Sometimes, I meet with people who are quick to defend. There are some who do not listen, some who just listen but choose not to do anything…
whoever I meet, if I think things can be improved, I will always try my best to fight on but always choose your battle wisely.  You can call that stubbornness, to put it in a positive light, it is determination.


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