A beautiful trip
After the church retreat, we went on a very short trip to Malacca. I love this place. Nice old charming place just like Georgetown in Penang. A good place to retire. You know, run a small B and B and enjoy the slow pace of life.
We took a coach up. The last time we took a coach to Malaysia was some 10 years ago. I just couldn’t believe it, it took us six hours to reach Malacca. Yes, JAM!!! But it was worth it, look at the pictures and you know what I mean…

The hotel we stayed. Beautiful and charming

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The inside - Old charm.

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Love the air well. Nice and comfortable room

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Street food make everyone happy!

Don’t know what they call this. It looks good and so must be good and yes, it was the right choice! You got to be bold to taste the best!

 Har-kow, Siew mai

Otak to die for.

Chendol, MUST eat. Some of the best food in the world is not from Michelin star awarded restaurants or chefs. They are from the street!

After you have eaten, you better walk to burn them off. The street market is not to be missed.

This was ‘buay ko yok’. Selling medicine on the street after some kung fu stunts. A long gone trade in Singapore but it was something I enjoyed watching when I was a child.

After a night of eating, walking, seeing, you just walk straight into the hotel to shower and sleep. The Jonker hotel was located in the heart of the night market. Fabulous location.

Best wanton mee I have ever eaten, cannot be found in Singapore (seriously, no kidding). Plus kopi peng, you get the most heavenly breakfast.

The same street that was selling food the night before. Amazing! Who says we are the cleanest city?

Nothing is more enjoyable than walking down the Jonker street in the morning.  Fresh air, friendly faces, a place full of character.

Clever use of the old trays

My “gang”

Simplicity is indeed the way to go.

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