EQ the most important two letters in the alphabet
These couple of weeks, I have seen people who have forgotten to apply the two important letters.
Incident one – young cousin who was clueless to the whole incident made such silly remarks.
“You have not look at other options, morally it is not right to do.”
Do not stand on the high moral grounds when you are clueless. A person with a high EQ would have said…
“Have you tried looking into the other options?”

Incident two – this one is still on going.
Applying the two letters, a person would have said…
“I accept the apology but you can keep the money or donate to charity.” Regardless of what have been said. This would have propelled him to the highest of highest pedestal and it would have made a magnificent statue. Forgiveness is a powerful tool. An attribute of the strong, said Gandhi.

I have also heard people said things like “you cannot afford it.”  How you know they cannot afford? You mean they are poor? Society has changed. The really rich do not dressed to impress. The really poor will never try to impress. The not so rich but pretend to be rich, are always out to impress.

EQ, it is all about EQ!

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