29th July

I never forget this date. Two years ago, on this day, we headed home after five years travelling outside. Living in the discomfort zone. I experienced what it meant by “the human spirit can handle much worse than we realise” (Nick Vujicic). I can never compare my experiences with others. I know of trailing spouses who have been much worse off than me. That was my discomfort zone and mine to experience.I have emerged a different person. Now, when I fear to do something, I always reminded myself what I have gone through in that five years.

I would never have the courage to hit the books again if not for the five years of experiences. I did things I would never have done if I were to remain in my comfort zone. Did I change? Yes, I did. For the better, I want to believe.

What have I gained in these five years? Independence,  courage, an open mind, the desire to be an agent of change, don’t waste time on unnecessary people or things. What have I lost? Some friendships but really, it is ok. Anything or anyone that cannot stand the test of time is really not worth spending time with. BUT…, I have gained many new friendships, know many good people.

One of the greatest achievement I have during these five years away was a very much deeper relationship with God. It is complete reliance on God when there was no familiar pillars to lean on.
Will I ever uproot again for new challenges? Yes, why not. You know how big is the world out there?


US of A (Mar 2008 to Mar 2009)
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farewell 159 farewell 172

Shanghai (July 2009 to July 2012)
DSCN7149  DSCN7164
 DSCN7213 DSCN7324
See the difference. The air in US of A is clean and fresh and crisp. See those blurry sky in SH. Well, it was like that 90% of the time. We survived!

Just look at the kids. They were so tiny then. Look at that wee little Ann.

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