Everyone is fighting their own battle

It has been a sad day. To know that a great actor like Robin Williams will no longer grace the big screen. I have watched his movies since school days. Some movies, I watched, laughed and walked away. Some movies, I cried for the moment and that was it. Some movies, I watched, I laughed, I cried and it remained with me for the rest of my life. Those movies were starring Robin Williams. I love him as the funny but illegal doctor in Patch Adams. That movie taught me to always have a heart for people no matter what you do, just like Christ. He always had a heart for people, especially those who belonged to the lower strata in society. I love Williams as the out-of-the-box English teacher in Dead Poets’ Society. The movies taught me Literature is the soul of mankind. You never stop reading. I love him as the serious therapist in Good Will Hunting, who transformed the life of a dejected but brilliant young man. The movie taught me never to give up on people. Perhaps, these lessons which I have learned outside of school, have helped me to be who I am today.

Who would know, such a positive, humorous actor was suffering from depression. Yes, that’s right, he was an actor, those positive traits were an act only. As a person, he was depressed. Very sad indeed, he was a great actor, he was good at his craft. To be able to impact lives through movies, how many could do it.

Thank you for the memories.


Doctorate Candidate, Enrolled Doctor of Professional Studies
Masters Degree in Counseling
Certificate in Counseling Programs
Diploma in Biblical Studies

With a background like this and the list carries on, who would expect him to have a painful past. He was physically, mentally, emotionally abused at a young age. His life turned into a complete mess as a young adult. At age 35, while searching for meaning in his mess-up life, a therapist sent by God rescued him. Five years, it took him five years to be transformed from a broken man to a helper today, changing people’s lives.  I was so privileged and honoured to be lectured by him in my course of studies. He not just taught me how to help others but he also taught me how to understand myself, why I behave the way I behave, why I feel the way I feel.  I am so blessed through this course. It has been a tough half a year but with the wonderful support from the kids and the spouse, I have lived my life so fulfilled. 1 1/2 years to go!

Everyone has a battle to fight. Be nice, be kind.

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