It has been quite a while…

I have been very occupied these months. With what?
  • we are shifting (there is a story behind this, a story of obedience and a journey of faith) another time
  • Kai’s and Ann’s examinations
  • my study, my counselling sessions, meeting my supervisor
  • and of course my daily duties as an individual
Client J

He said he has no dreams, no goals in life. He said that if he set goals and if he doesn't get it, it would be very upsetting so he doesn't want to set any goals. Wants to be a gammer and earn money.  Throughout the conversation, he was always mimicking fighting actions. I am not sure if this is healthy. It could be a sign of being addicted to computer games. He lacks social awareness skills, I feel it is due to his condition. Looking at his school history, it seems like there has been no intervention for his ADHA condition. He has never been trained how to socialise as an ADHD kid. He is obviously unaware that his action caused discomfort to others. His behaviour is normal to him but others are not comfortable and therefore keep a distance from him.  I have an ADHD nephew and he attended Pathlight Primary School and he is now 16 years old and coping very well in school. Parents cannot be in denial, parents must step up to help.

Client B

Client told me his parents were separated 1 1/2 years ago. Mum is suffering from cervical cancer, stage 3. She has undergone treatment and returned to work because she has to support 3 sons. Dad was violent and often came home drunk. Client told me that dad may have a daughter outside. B said that his brothers are violent and are gamers. He felt very happy that his dad left them because the home is now very peaceful but on the other hand, he was sad because they no longer could do things together. He missed those times when his dad drove the family out to have fun.  It was very painful listening to my client. He is just a 15 year old teenager who should be enjoying his youth but he is hurting inside.  B is such a matured boy. He saves up his allowance and put it in his bank so that if his mum is short of cash, she can take the money from his back.  If I have only one wish in my life, I will wish for all the children of the world to have happy childhood.

Parents, if we are a gadget addict yourself. If we are spending too much time checking our emails, browsing our FB (seriously, do we really have to do that. Didn’t we live a normal life without checking our emails and FB all the time), remember, there is more to life. Parents, if we think stuffing a screen right in front of our kids can give us a peaceful time to have a good meal, think again! Parents, don’t blame our teenagers for spending so much time in front of the PC if we have trained them to do so since they were young.  Parents, time to reclaim our lives!

I shared about Ann sometime ago. We decided to send her for an assessment. The result came out…

Ann has a very high IQ. This was what the psychologist said “A 13yo child trapped in a 10yo body.” He explained why Ann didn’t make it for the GEP , a former educator himself, he said that every GEP has their own structure. Likewise for our system here. Ann is beyond that and we have to engage her differently. Emotionally, as a 10yo, she is not be able to cope with the kind of stress in school. We have to learn to help her.

Didn’t I always say, every kid is different even if they come from the same parents. That’s how God has created them. DIFFERENT! The many hours of praying for her, commiting her before God, have reaped lots of good results. She is definitely more controlled with her emotions. I have learned to release her to do what she wants and I have learned to trust her to know what she is doing.  For a start, we will submit her application to MENSA. We cannot let her potential go to waste. She is made for greater things!

 Kai is having his SA2 now. He has picked his subject combination for Sec three (seems like only yesterday, he just entered Sec one). Double Science Double Math Literature (this is a must. I am so glad his teacher also encourages him to do it. Without Lit, we have no soul!) Geography Heavy, heavy stuff. We have to believe in him and HIM

Well, as for yours truly, no matter how busy, Tuesdays are my exercise day. To keep healthy, that, I must make time for it!  There, you go. A very fulfilled life filled with stress and blessings. These days, I don't waste my time on unimportant things. I want to choose to count my blessings!  

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