Another low EQ

I had my first 1.5hrs session with my new supervisor. I am already missing Ms Trina Tan. If not for the distance, I would NOT change my supervisor. Ms Tan really brought out the best in me. I would want to have her again as my supervisor when I do my Masters.

I think Ms Low is lacking in EQ. It was my first meeting with her and I greatly appreciate the fact that she offered to pick me up near the MRT station. However, her instruction was not clear and I ended up at the wrong place.

“So far, I only had two students who couldn’t find the bus-stop.” A person with a higher EQ would have said “So far, I only had two students who couldn’t find the bus-stop but it is ok, the next time, you would not have any problem.”

When we reached her house, I was led to her “office”. She had a chair and a sofa. I was heading towards the chair but she asked me to sit at the sofa. Why the difference? It made me extremely uncomfortable. I was not there for therapy. I was not her patient, I was a supervisee. She was too rigid, too “stiff upper lip”. Definitely, not my style, first impression fail!

Yes, I know she knows a lot. So does Ms Trina. I mean, Ms Trina is a lecturer for Counselling. She has been doing this for many years. Never, has she once talked about how much she knows. Ms Low spent a considerable amount of time talking about her years in counselling, helping with its syllabus, she is also supervisor to students from Monash, UNiSim , etc, etc….

People, need to learn to be humble especially when you are in the people’s business!

I shall not allow her attitude to deter me from learning. I shall “squeeze” every drop of knowledge from her *wink*!

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