Oh, my birthday?

25th October has always been a special day for me. Even looking at the numbers, they felt special. Strangely, not this year. I almost forgot. The spouse asked me if I would like a birthday lunch or dinner. I said, “maybe lunch would be better since Ann has school the next day.” “But your birthday would be on a Saturday.” Oh, yes, I forgot.

I told myself, I would be turning 49 but a friend reminded, it is 48. Gasp, why did I want to age so fast. Perhaps, the age matters no more. Or the busyness of this period got into me.

On the day itself, it was the spouse again “Happy Birthday, Lao Po”. Oh yes, it is my birthday, today!

DSC02006 - Copy
Ahhh…nice place for a birthday dinner with people I love…
away from the crazy crowd on a Saturday night!

My son. You got to love him unconditionally. I love you..in spite of.

Son : You still look the same!
Mum : Don’t bluff. You mean you were around 48 years ago?
Son : Ok, 14 years ago.
Mum : You mean when you were born, you already know how I looked?
Son : Mums…ok… 10 years ago and now, you still look the same!

My daughter. The free spirit. You got to give her space to bloom!

Ann : Ya, seriously, you know, seriously, you still look the same!
Mum : I have wrinkles now.
Ann : Where got wrinkles. Those are smile lines
Mum : You don’t end up as a lawyer, it will be a waste!
Ann : You haven’t change at all!

Thank you for the positive stroking, my children!

The spouse. Thank you for remembering, thank you for celebrating this special day!

The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. You don’t choose them, you just have them.

Oh yes, how can I forget the food!

The cheese platter. The blue cheese was the best. The rest are good quality cheese!

Ann’s lobster pasta. Portion just nice for her.

Mummy’s seafood platter. Ann asked why must have foam. Hahaha. Class mah!

The spouse’s duck confit. Crispy skin with tender meat.

Kai’s beef tenderloin. The one below is mash potatoes. Kai equate that to my mash potatoes! I got class too!

All in all, good food not costing an arm or leg. Just nice for a special occasion.

Dessert which double up as my birthday cake. (From left to right)
Almond cream puff. Superb. Very fresh cream.
Blue berry cheese cake. Kai said it was good. It has to be good coming from a no-cake eater.
Hot lava cake. Rich, creamy chocolate, the cake just melt in your mouth.
Mango sorbet with crusty base. Very special. Nice!
Creme Brulee. Texture is just nice. Top nicely caramelised, not burnt.

Beautiful night, beautiful place with wonderful company. Oh yes, there was even fireworks nearby to celebrate my birthday…*wink*

To myself, to  more good years! Cheers

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