I think the stage will be her second home


Ballerina’s Poem
by Miranda Snow

Never will I be covered in tattoos
My legs and toes shall forever stay bruised.
I’ll never paint or carry a tune
Forever and ever, I’ll wear a tutu.

I won’t dye my hair pink or blue
My piercings will stay as the simple two
Nails cut short and hair in a bun
In ballet, this must be done.

Pink tights by the mound
Bobby pins all around
Leotards on the floor
Pointe shoes by the door.

Toes taped so tightly
Smiling big and brightly
Red lipstick adding to her beauty
The dancer moves so smoothly.

Turned out from my hips
No words coming from my lips
I dance sweetly to the sound
Ooh ballet, to you, I am bound.

Full of grace, never haste
Filling perfectly my costume of lace
Ever so sweet, my dancing feet
Step after step, I repeat and repeat.

Obtaining perfection is my key
It’s what I strive for, it’s all that defines me
Pushing harder and harder to reach my goal
It’s what I live for, ballet is my soul.

My toes may bleed
And my knees, grow weak
But I’ll never stop dancing…
Not until I reach my peak.

Pirouette, Pirouette
Dancer’s silhouette
Practicing at dusk
Dedication is a must.

Stretching my limbs
Choreographing on a whim
Alway aiming to be stronger
To hold my arabesque longer.

When I do finally reach that triple pirouette
and all is done and all is set
I put myself back into class
Aiming for a fourth, to be better than the last.

This is the life of a dancer en pointe
Risking the health of her feet, legs and joints
Just for that one perfect moment on stage
Where the ballerina stands tall and all are amazed.

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