"Brain Dead"

After a long break of 15 years, I was back at the examination hall yesterday. 3hrs and 45mins non-stop writing. As one ages, toilet break becomes a must. No time to write still need to rush to the toilet. I now fully empathise with all school children who have to sit for essay exams, two in a day, over two to three weeks. If you think it is easy, go try doing one.

Not just the bladder giving problem, the eyes also. You know, 'lao hua'. Wear my classes, head went dizzy, can't wear it for too long. Then there were the wrist and fingers, no longer write fast. If I push them too hard, they punish me, the writings become alien to me. So much to write. Case studies on a man who wanted to call it quits and a young child who has just been abandoned by mum. Demanding!!! How do you tell how you want to help them in 225 minutes! Brain went dead! I hope the markers are kind and could empathise.

After that, it was back to the role of being a mum. Frustrations and stress but I guess Ms Pol was right. We mums, who stay at home, tend to do too much, give too, care too much, love too much. So much so that we are often taken for granted. It is a thankless job, it is a job we choose to do and so have to accept whatever that comes with it but it is also a job where we can put an end to it. Time to back off. Time to release the string. Time to move on to the next chapter.

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