Happy, joyful, a sense of satisfaction!

B and J are my first two clients. I counselled them last year and after five sessions with them, I am really happy with their progress.

B is now independent. He can manage his emotions, his feelings. He is motivated to do well for his coming 'O' levels. He has gone back to church. He told me that going to church helps him to feel a sense of calmness. He told me that he does not get into trouble anymore.

J is autistic. It was rather difficult talking to him at first because he was always, I mean always talking about his computer games and all the fighting, battles, killing. All I did was just listen. I guess no one wanted to listen to all his talking and here I was, all ears, listening to what he wanted to say. On the fifth session, I told him if I could now talk. That was when I was allowed into his inner circle.

J taught me what it takes to look beyond a person's shortcomings. When the masks are off, a beautiful person emerges. I pinky word with J, that he must always learn self-control and promise that no matter what, he would never hurt himself.

J said : "I hate pinkies" (but gave me his pinky finger)  Haha!

J isn't the most handsome dude, not your goody good boy but I think he surpasses some of the most handsome, good dudes I have ever seen in terms of personality and character.

I didn't teach them to be better but they taught me how to be better... a better therapist. Thank You.

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